Bad weekend

And it’s bleeding over into the week. Showed Professor at Middleburg; he was third of three in the puppy class both days. I think he’s still the same dog that was BoB last weekend. And I think he’s the nicest-looking dog at the show. Not the best-behaved; the presence of other dogs (that might be female!) make his brains, such as they are, fall out his left ear. We’ll keep working on it. Got to see Professor’s brother and sister. It’s a good-looking family.

As I drove home, the crack in my windshield started to spread. Called around, the prices for windshield replacement are all over the place. The ads are hilarious; they’re all about 24-7 service, but that’s just answering the phone; the actual repair has to take place Mon-Fri, 9-5. So convenient for those of us who work. So I made an appointment with the cheapest guys for Monday. They can’t give me a time, even approximate. So I had to take a day off, and hang around, and the guy finally showed up at 4 pm. He did a good job, though, and it’s a relief not to have to worry about the crack spreading further.

Sunday afternoon I wanted to run out to the grocery. Went out, put key in ignition…nothing. Absolutely nothing. Called AAA, and they sent out the battery guy. Who says the battery is fine, it’s the starter. Just hit it with a stick and it starts right up. Called my garage Monday am, they can’t get me in ’til Thursday, but then they’ll do it while I wait.

This week totally sucks, and it’s only Tuesday.


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