The saga continues

Got out to vote Tuesday; when I left the polls, the car wouldn’t start, and hitting it with my stick didn’t work. There were a couple of firefighters (there was a heavily contested ballot question that the ff were up in arms about) outside the polls, and they took pity on me and whapped it with a hammer, which started it right up. Had to go the doctor, so I found a spot in the parking lot where I could leave it facing downhill in case I needed to jump it. Of course, it started right up.

Wednesday morning, however, nada. No action. Hammer didn’t work. Called AAA; they sent the battery guy, and he couldn’t start it. Waited about an hour for him, then another hour for the tow truck. Then at the garage, where I was a day early, I waited for the guy from the rental car company to pick me up. Got to work about 1:30, when I was due in a training session. And they wouldn’t let me in. ARRRGGGGHHHH.

However, Marty, bless him, got the starter in and replaced the battery. Still having trouble starting it. Seems there’s a switch on the clutch which allows the car to start only if the clutch is in, and that switch is not working. Did the starter trouble burn out the switch, or did the switch burn out and mess up the starter? No one knows. Will be next week before they can get the part. But Marty managed to work around it, so I get the car back tomorrow, and will have to take it in next week, but it should be a while-you-wait kind of repair.

Not only can’t I smoke in the enterprise rent-a-car, but dogs are banned, too. Fortunately, I don’t need to drive the b’s anywhere.


2 Responses to “The saga continues”

  1. robin sallie Says:

    I am putting my money on the week getting better. It has to, right? There are only 2 days left…

  2. Holly Says:

    oh my gosh! You are having a car week like my furnace week!

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