Amelia’s herself again

Just because she’s entered in rally and beginner novice next week, Amelia picked yesterday to be sick. Not vomiting or diarrhea, but general reluctance to move, although she’d walk out of it. Sort of plodded along on her walks. It was rainy and raw outside. She didn’t particularly want treats, at least not enough to get up to get them. Didn’t bother to come into the training room with Professor. When she stood up, she looked very stiff and uncomfortable, and sort of roached her back.

So I gave her a Rimadyl, and this morning she was her old self again. Called the vet, and he said to keep her on it, 2x daily for 48 hours, then 1x daily while we’re at the show. I guess at 11 she’s starting to feel her age a bit.

And tonight we reinforced her heeling, and she was her usual enthusiastic self. Hopefully it’ll hold over for the shows. We also did a short session on her balance egg, and she was fine with that.

And this is why I love my mechanic. When I told him I was going out of town, he said he’d get the new part express-shipped and split the cost of the shipping with me, because he didn’t want me to go without it.


One Response to “Amelia’s herself again”

  1. Holly Says:

    I am so glad Amelia is feeling better. ‘Splain to her that sick is not allowed, thankyouverymuch.

    And YAY for generous mechanics!!!!!

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