Finally back to freestyle

We have a little group that meets to practice freestyle and help each other with choreography, music choices, training, and so on. We meet on Sundays, when I’m not showing and there’s nothing else in our training building. The building’s not air conditioned, so we don’t meet in the summer.

That means we haven’t met in (umpty-mumble) months. So today was the first time in a long while. Amelia got to practice both her routines, one of which is basically finished except that I kept forgetting what comes next, and one that we’re just working on. We also practiced some Beginner Novice stays, practice she urgently needs.

Professor doesn’t have a routine yet, but he got some playtime with a young aussie, which he really enjoyed, and then I played a little Give Me A Break with him. By the second time I released him, he was beating me back to the chair! Yay Professor. We worked on his sits and downs, and on heeling. He’s still very easily distracted, but he’s coming along. I think his first routine is going to be to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. I love me some big band music.

Joey just comes along for the ride, and to see his buddy Ruth. She’s one of the few people he’s comfortable with, and she always gives him cookies and loves on him.

Next session won’t be ’til December; there are two agility trials in the building, and I’m showing next weekend. Oh well, there are four video competitions a year, so someday Shine will be ready!


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