A Long Road Trip

Amelia, Professor, Joey and I, accompanied by our buddy Kate and her new (to her) silky terrier rescue, all went to Salisbury for 5 days of shows. Amelia was entered in Beginner Novice all 5 days, and in Rally Advanced and Excellent on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Professor was entered in breed all 5 days.

Professor, as expected, went BoB on Wednesday, by being the only basenji there. He was ok in group, but wouldn’t stand still for the judge to walk around him after the down-and-back. Another thing to work on. Sunday, he was WD and BoS; otherwise, he was either second or reserve. There was a very small basenji entry (3 dogs, 1 bitch, no specials) and I tried some things with him, and I learned a lot about him. One of the things I learned, unfortunately, is that he’s a stress pooper, and he went in the ring twice. Fortunately, I show basenjis in obedience so I’m incapable of being embarrassed by my dog. I need to spend less time in the building with him before he shows; he does best if he just walks in and walks into the ring. And minimal treats outside the ring before he shows, just a taste to let him know what I’ve got, then a lot of treats while he’s in the ring. And we desperately need to work on him standing still. He stacks beautifully, then starts fidgeting and turning around to look at the other dogs. I find it interesting that the day he won, the judge instructed us to go around and let the dogs stand naturally, no hand stacking. He does free stack nicely, he just won’t hold it. Oh well, he’s only 10 months old, he’ll get there.

We also did a match Friday night, which was a bit much for him, but did give us some practice. He was FEO because he has a major, but they let him go in for the group anyway and he would have been Group 2 in the match if he wasn’t FEO. But then Saturday was his worst day in the ring at the real show, and I think he was just tired out.

These are really nice shows, in a large civic center with plenty of grooming space, good vendors, and rally and obedience in separate rooms. We had some time conflicts with rally and beginner novice, but only one conflict with conformation.

Amelia went 2-for-5 in beginner novice. It’s the stay that gets her; as soon as I walk to the opening in the ring gates, she breaks and comes to me. ARRRGGGGGHHHHHH. So, we know what to work on with her. Her heeling got better and better (she got a 191 from Phyllis Broderick for her second leg) and her recall is lovely. She had no trouble with the sit for exam.

In rally, she was 6-for-6, so she now has three legs toward her RAE2. Her best day was Sunday, when rally and conformation conflicted. I never got to walk either the excellent or advanced courses, and for the advanced we ran in from the conformation ring as the dog before us was on course. She got a 94 and a second place, doG love her. She is such a trouper.

We got to see some friends I don’t see often, as Salisbury is a bit out of my normal range. But it’s worthwhile for a bit cluster like this. We ditched the diets and ate well every night. And we managed to survive in a hotel room with a silky terrier and three basenjis with no incidents.


2 Responses to “A Long Road Trip”

  1. robin sallie Says:

    “Fortunately, I show basenjis in obedience so I’m incapable of being embarrassed by my dog. ”


  2. Holly Says:

    Congrats on a mostly successful weekend. Professor sounds delightful and Amelia is such a good girl.

    and their handler ain’t bad neither!

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