An Agility Weekend

Last weekend was my club’s CPE trial. I entered Amelia in all 10 classes; she’s now in level 3 for everything. The purpose of this trial was to find out whether the disaster in July was because of the heat or because of her age. It wasn’t really a disaster, she ran with me very nicely, but we had only 1 Q, and she timed out on all her other runs.

And the answer is: it was the heat. She qualified 5 times over the two days. Some of the NQs were my fault; I sent her into an off-course tunnel in snookers and messed up a non-traditional jackpot run. I pulled her from her last class, and should have pulled her from the one before it. You know Amelia is over-tired when she *walks* past a tunnel.

So I’ll show her in spring and fall, and may even think about running her in preferred in AKC. Fortunately, my club has two CPE trials a year, in April and November, so that works well. And I’ll enter her in fewer classes; at 11, she just doesn’t have the stamina any more to run, run, run all weekend.

Professor got to do a little socializing, but was very put out that he wasn’t allowed to run through the tunnels and chase the other dogs. Seemed like a waste of a perfectly good opportunity to him!  But it’s good for his soul to spend a weekend once in a while sitting in the car while Amelia gets to go and do.


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