A happy Thanksgiving

We had a lovely Thanksgiving. I took the guys out tracking; Amelia had a 45-minute-old track, with one open turn and start and end articles and an extra article on each leg. She ran it like a pro, although she overshot the turn (the wind was coming from behind us). Called her back, and she found the turn and both articles. Best of all, she clearly indicated when she ran out of scent. Reading her has been a challenge, so it’s nice to get a clear sign from her. And she did all her article indications!

I laid a serpentine HITT track for the boys in the parking lot, and they tracked the Giant Shedding Pepperoni Monster. Ran Professor first, and he did well until the basketball game started. We were heading toward the b’ball court, and he doesn’t like kids, and he wasn’t thrilled with the noise the ball made. He just stopped and stared for a while, but eventually he got back to work and finished the track. I started it with a pepperoni at each footstep, then every other step, then every third, gradually spreading them out ’til they were five steps apart. He even skipped a few treats.

Joey also chased the GSPM. He fringed the track a little, but generally followed it pretty well. He’s skipping some of the treats, so I guess he’s ready to have them spread them out a bit more.

I was really pleased with all of them, since we haven’t been tracking since last spring.

Then we came home, and the guys had chicken necks for dinner in honor of the day.


2 Responses to “A happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Holly Says:

    I bet they really enjoyed their day!

  2. robin sallie Says:

    I plan to get Via out for a short track in the fresh snow today.

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