Belated Update

Not a whole lot going on. The weather has gotten cold, so tracking is suspended, although Amelia and Professor work on article indications indoors. Not much snow, yet, but it’s been very blustery and windy and generally miserable for all of us.

Thanksgiving weekend Professor went to the dog shows. Beat his brother one day, lost to his brother the next, neither got points. Ah well. Sister did quite well, though, getting points both days, IIRC. Professor was way more interested in promoting a relationship with a girl dog, any girl dog. He’s not sure why he wants to, but he knows for sure there’s SOMETHING there he wants to know more about.

Bought him is own Foggy Mountain dog coat. In his color, black, with a faux leopard skin collar to match his collar. He tells everyone he killed the leopard himself.

His retrieve is coming along very nicely. We’re using Shirley Chong’s method, starting with c/t for just looking at the db, and he’s now getting the db from a short toss and putting it in my hand. He no longer takes off with db to chew it. Putting him on leash for a couple of days, and using a metal scent article in place of the plastic db, solved that problem very neatly.

He’s also learning “sneaky” which is my name for a crawl. It’s supposed to be a good strengthening exercise, and he took to it right away. I’ve already put the cue on it, a bit early, but I don’t want to destroy his downs and make them all crawls. We continue to work on his gaiting and table manners, and he’s learned to wear a muzzle, for coursing.

Both Amelia and Professor continue to love their ball work, on the inflatable egg. It’s very peaceful, and supposed to be very strengthening. Since their walks are getting shorter and shorter (Amelia has wet and potty on cue, and Professor and Joey are getting there) they really need some exercise. Professor enjoys chasing his toys down the hallway, and often brings them back. I keep the box of toys in the living room, and toss toys down the hall into the bedroom, and he gets a little exercise that way. Isn’t spring almost here???

We’ll be moving in January. The good new is, I’ve got permission to have three dogs in the new apartment. Place I’m living in now is not renewing the lease. The bad news is, I’ll have to pack all those books. Ick. I’m going to take the opportunity to get a new couch (yes, I’m looking at you, Professor!) I’ll miss the dog park, although the kids have broken the gate, so I have to stand there holding it while the dogs potter around. But the place I’m moving to has a lot of open space, and I’ll be able to walk right out.


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