World’s Best Christmas Present

The basenjis got the world’s best Christmas Present, EVER! We went to our freestyle gathering today, and our buddy Ruth brought them a ROAST. Cooked. The Whole Thing. They were very impressed, as was I. It’s going to be cut up into training treats. That should hold them for a while!

And Professor got to run around with his buddy Jay, and with Roddy. Jay’s an aussie, Roddy a bc. Misty, the mini-aussie, ‘splained to the Prof why we don’t jump up on the ladies, and he decided to give her a bit of room. We did a little heeling to Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. He ran off to check stuff out a couple of times, but came right back to me.

Amelia and I just fooled around to In The Mood. Is it possible to hear that music without dancing? I love me some big band music. Good thing Amelia likes it too.


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