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Basenjis are home

January 22, 2011

Yesterday the b’s spent the day at my friend Ruth’s house, crated in her living room (her dogs are in the family room). Joey objected for about 15 minutes, she said, Professor whined a bit, and Amelia just said “whatever” and chewed her chewy. All calmed down and were quiet for most of the day. She even got Joey out to relieve himself and back into the crate (he can be a bit pillish about going in, but it’s always been just passive resistance).

I was at home with the movers. My SIL recommended TwoMarinesMoving; all the employees (and management) are exmilitary. They are appallingly organized. They sent three guys to pack me up and move me. It was complicated by the facts that a)I am a disorganized person; b) not everything is moving; c) I had done some, but not a lot, of packing; d) I have way too many books. WAAAAAAYYYYYYY TOOO MANY BOOOKS!!! I had to run out to the local storage place to buy more small
boxes. Anyway, by the time everything was boxed and loaded on the truck, it was too late to take it to the new place (there are federal regs on how long drivers can work) so they took the loaded truck away to bring back this am.

I went to Ruth’s to get the b’s; she sat me down and fed me dinner (what a friend!) and sent us home to the new place.

Part of the reason not everything in the old apartment is moving is that I got a new bed, so I had a place to sleep. And dog crates for bedside tables. I don’t think any of us slept particularly well, although the new bed is very comfy, but I woke up every time the┬áheat kicked on, and I think the b’s were still stressy.

This morning the marines arrived about 8, I was walking the dogs but just about done with that. So I brought them in and put them in crates while the marines unloaded the truck. Did I mention that I have way too many books? Now all in boxes? Many, many, boxes???

Loved the way the b’s reacted. Amelia is a soldier at heart. She growled at the guy who peered into her crate, watched them come in and out for a few minutes, then curled up and went to sleep. Professor wanted to help in the worst way. Read that either way. But he was pretty good. Joey did his usual protest at being crated, then went to sleep.

I’ve been unpacking all day, and still haven’t made much of a dent. And the guys had to go back in their crates while the Verizon guy put in my new FIOS connection and got the phone hooked up. That took a while, and they weren’t impressed with having another strange person tramping past them. Then I had to get the maintenance guys to come and look at one of the plugs in the kitchen, so more crate time for the b’s.

Now I’m on break, sitting down and reading emails. I have to sit on the bed because the table is still barricaded behind boxes. And the b’s are all curled up next to me, sound asleep. I think we’re home. We can’t find anything we own, but we’re home.


Happy Birthday, Professor!

January 4, 2011

Professor is one year old today. In honor of his newfound maturity, Amelia beat him up over a chewy, and Joey marked over his mark on our walk. My little boy is growing up!

From October, going BoB

He’s such a handsome boy!

Happy New Year

January 1, 2011

Our club does agility run-thrus every New Year’s Day, so out we went this morning. I went early, first one there, so Professor got a chance to come in and run around. He doesn’t know jumps, contacts, or weaves yet (he’ll be a year old on Monday!) but he does love him some tunnels. Actually got started putting a cue on tunnels. And there were a bunch in this course, and he did two back-to-back and came to me for his treat!

Then Prof went back in the car with Joey, and Amelia got to come in and do the run-thrus. She did very well. We ran the advanced course, and when I got the cues out fast enough she was great. Where I umbled and bumbled and didn’t make myself clear, she just doodled around. But she got her weaves and generally ran very nicely. She even got the tunnel/dogwalk discrimination! Which is hard, because she loves dogwalks very much. But she outed to the tunnel, both runs.

One of our club members made a lovely lunch–barbecue, and hopping John for good luck, and coleslaw and lots of goodies. It was delicious.

After Amelia had both her runs, I brought Professor back in to socialize a little. He made a few efforts to run from my lap across the sign-in table to the food table, but never actually got his pointy little nose into the barbecue. And he was very interested in watching the dogs run agility.

All-in-all, a good day. Happy 2011, everybody.