Happy New Year

Our club does agility run-thrus every New Year’s Day, so out we went this morning. I went early, first one there, so Professor got a chance to come in and run around. He doesn’t know jumps, contacts, or weaves yet (he’ll be a year old on Monday!) but he does love him some tunnels. Actually got started putting a cue on tunnels. And there were a bunch in this course, and he did two back-to-back and came to me for his treat!

Then Prof went back in the car with Joey, and Amelia got to come in and do the run-thrus. She did very well. We ran the advanced course, and when I got the cues out fast enough she was great. Where I umbled and bumbled and didn’t make myself clear, she just doodled around. But she got her weaves and generally ran very nicely. She even got the tunnel/dogwalk discrimination! Which is hard, because she loves dogwalks very much. But she outed to the tunnel, both runs.

One of our club members made a lovely lunch–barbecue, and hopping John for good luck, and coleslaw and lots of goodies. It was delicious.

After Amelia had both her runs, I brought Professor back in to socialize a little. He made a few efforts to run from my lap across the sign-in table to the food table, but never actually got his pointy little nose into the barbecue. And he was very interested in watching the dogs run agility.

All-in-all, a good day. Happy 2011, everybody.


One Response to “Happy New Year”

  1. Holly Says:

    I think I love Amelia the best, she makes you work for your runs and so it turns into that partnership we all want.

    My dogs are jealous of your dogs Liza, they want to do all the cool stuff your dogs do!

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