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A Professor Weekend

February 28, 2011

Well, Professor started a new class on Saturday, with Corally Burmaster. It’s a basic obedience class, and mainly he’s learning to keep his brain engaged when other dogs are present. He truly believes that someday he will find a nice lady dog who’s interested in making whoopee with him. He doesn’t know what whoopee is, but he really wants to find out.

I spent most of the class at a distance, working LAT and GMAB with him, and both really improved his focus and attention. Even the private agility lesson going on in the other ring wasn’t too distracting. But he was a tired puppy at the end of the day.

Sunday we went to our freestyle group, which conflicted a little with rally run-thrus. So I took Professor in and we practiced going in the ring and setting up, then breaking and running out. LAT and GMAB also helped with this. I think (hope?) he’s starting to get the idea that he doesn’t get to interact with all the other dogs.

Amelia got to do three runs, Levels 1, 2, and 3. She did very well. She really likes being the center of attention. When the run-thrus were over we worked on her interactions with the saddle. It’s a child’s western saddle, that we use in her Shine routine. She jumps over it, goes around it, and perches on it. I really need to work on cleaning up our cues, there’s still too much body language in them. But we got to work a little distance, which is impossible in the living room!

Joey came along for the ride, and got to spend a little quality time with his great friend Ruth.

A good weekend, but tiring for all of us. Everybody’s sacked out now.


Busy, busy

February 15, 2011

It’s been a while. We’ve been busy.

All the boxes in the living room/dining area have been unpacked. Most of the boxes in the small bedroom, including three boxes of pictures, certificates, and other “wall hangings” have been unpacked. A few of the boxes in the master bedroom closet have been unpacked; if I can get the rest of them out of there I’ll be able to put in some storage units and unpack some more clothes. There’s also at least one more box of pictures and similar stuff, but I don’t know where. I just know there’s stuff I haven’t found yet.

Melanie and Ruth came over and helped me hang pictures. We’ve got a Dittany corner, a Peabody spot, and an Amelia coursing wall. And baby pictures of Professor over the front door. We left space for Professor’s show pix, if I ever find them. They’re in a box somewhere.

And in the middle of it all, Amelia and I went to BAD’s APDT rally trials. She got three more legs on her ARCH-MX, bless her little heart. She did really well on Saturday; Sunday morning she wasn’t nearly as sharp, and got the leg by the skin of her teeth. So I pulled her from the Sunday afternoon trial. She was tired, but I think she really enjoyed the special one-on-one time with me.

The b’s are getting adjusted. They like the sliding glass door, since it lets the sun shine in on them. When I came back from shopping Saturday, Amelia and Joey were both curled up in the sun, snuggled into their dog beds, and each had a paw curled over his/her nose. It was very adorable.

We’re learning walks, now that the snow has melted a bit. There are still some icy patches; on warmer days, there are muddy patches. But I think once spring gets here (we’re ready!) we’ll have several very nice circuits.  

What is that makes people think if there’s snow on the ground they don’t have to pick up after their dogs??? Ick.